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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year to all! ^_^

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New year. Peace to everyone these holiday season. ^_^

-Haruka N


My wish for the holidays

Hey there everyone. Haruka here. As everyone know, the holidays are approaching fast. Many people are out to celebrate. There will be many joys. However, there are still tragedies that are behind us. About a week ago, one of the most tragic and sad gun violence event occured in a small town in America call Newtown, Connecticut. As we approach the holidays, let us remember all those who suffered under tragedies like this. Let us all not forget those who were lost. Those whom we held dearly, those who were innocent, and those who were true heroes. Let us remember everyone of them in our hearts. Let us remember them by wishing for peace. Peace so that tragedies like these may never happen again.

So in this holiday, my wish is for true peace on Earth and unity to all. Let us all work together to bring peace to this world we hold dearly. Let us make real promises to really take actions to make our world a better world. Let us truely work together as one and help one another this holidays. Help those who are in need. Support those who are in need.

And with this said and done I say to you all

Happy Holidays. and best wishes to all.  Peace and good tidings to all and this world.

-Haruka N

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