I’m back! (Just dropping by. ^_^)

Hello everyone! It’s me again! As most of you have already know, I had been really busy during the past month or two. But now that things are beginning to settle. I suppose I can blog a little. I really missed everyone really much. ❤ These past month or two is fun for me. Life and all but I assure you I am fine. In fact, I am doing very well, so for those who are concerned: thank you very much! ^_^ As for this blog and the updates I was suppose to put a while back, I’ll probably be working on those as soon as I have time again. For now, sorry about the “under construction” posts. ^_^’ Well in any case, after a short-ish post, I must be going now. I’ll be looking forward to blogging more. (hopefully ^_^’) Until then, see you around everyone! ^.^

-Haruka N


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Back to school

I know I promised to be more actively posting but it seems that life has prevented that from happening again.

Like many of you, school also started for me last week. This semester for me will be busy so I’ll definitely be slow on the posting. But worry not. I will post something. That I can promise. 🙂 So be patient and see. 😀

-Haruka N

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Hello all!

Heya. Haruka here. Sorry about the delays and stuff. I’ve got a lot to do recently so I wasn’t able to update. Updates will be going slow, but please do stay tuned for more of my postings and stuff.

Cheers everyone!

-Haruka N.

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Under Construction

Hello everyone. This is Haruka and this is my new blog. But as you can see, it’s still under construction. So stick around and see what we have for you soon. ^_^

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